A new challenger has appeared! Japanese streamer Hamayama just faced off against a new face in the Smash series. The laughing Duck Hunt Dog and its duck companion join the fray in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U!


Like the other characters that have appeared, Duck Hunt Dog can be faced by completing Classic mode on a certain difficulty. The Duck Hunt Dog fights with its duck sidekick while also summoning other retro figures. He fights with old-school sound effects and visual effects, it is quite the spectacle to behold! This character will certainly revolve heavily around Duck Hunt and other retro references.





This all but confirms the recent leaks of the past few weeks, which revealed Shulk, Duck Hunt Dog, Doctor Mario, Pit, and Bowser Jr. as playable characters. With these images, only Doctor Mario and Bowser Jr. remain, although the game may still have more characters to unlock still.


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