yokai inn e3 trailer

Mega publishers like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Ubisoft all have E3 presentations in the coming days, but let’s not forget about the little guys! The Wholesome Direct just finished airing, and it shined a spotlight on a handful of promising indies. My favorite from the show was ShibaPixel’s Yokai Inn, a slice-of-life sim game that’s all about taking care of spirits and monsters! You can check out the debut trailer by clicking below!

Yokai Inn E3 trailer

About the game

In Yokai Inn, you are forced to take shelter in an abandoned inn, and the place springs to life with otherworldly patrons as soon as the sunsets! You’ll immerse yourself in unique activities like maintaining the furnace and sweeping floors, or classic ones like farming, fishing, cooking, mining, and crafting in order to grow and expand your inn. You’ll befriend lots of patrons with dynamic dialogue, so you can always come home and have fresh conversations! The E3 trailer also showed off its gorgeous environments, which are all hand-drawn.

ShibaPixels has not announced the target platforms for Yokai Inn at this time. However, there’s good reason to hope for a Switch release. According to the official website, Animal Crossing is a major influence, along with Harvest Moon. It’s currently in the early stages of development, so there’s no launch window at this time.


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