EA contemplating putting its more successful games on Nintendo Switch

Love them or hate them, EA is a juggernaut of a publisher, yet their games are almost nonexistent in the Nintendo Switch library. A quick look at EA’s own website lists a whopping total of four Switch games: FIFA 18, FIFA 19, Unravel Two, and Fe. It’s puzzling, to say the least. However, the most recent issue of Game Informer magazine offers some hope from EA chief studios officer Laura Miele, who says EA is exploring putting more games on Switch:

Yes. We invested with FIFA. We had good success there. I love that we have such a great global reach and global presence on that platform with that game. We are absolutely looking at more Switch games in our portfolio, so more to come on that. We’re not going to announce anything as of yet. But it is absolutely a platform we’re looking at for some of our more successful games.

There is a real possibility that this answer is just PR speak with absolutely nothing behind it, considering EA’s track record so far. It also somewhat contradicts what EA CEO Andrew Wilson said on a recent financial call, where he (among other things) stated, “We have a lot of data that would suggest a great many Switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One or a PC and very often choose to play the games that we make on those platforms even though they have a Switch and they enjoy a lot of great content on the Switch.”

In any case, if EA does an about-face and delivers faithful versions of hits like Madden, The Sims, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect to Switch, it would be an obvious win for everyone involved. It would at least do a little to fix their self-described public perception as “just a bunch of bad guys.”


John Friscia
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