EA not making games on a Nintendo platform? Shocking!

While the Wii U and EA situation has taken more twist and turns then an M. Knight Shyamalan movie, the 3DS and EA relationship was always relatively quiet, especially when compared to the strong support for the Nintendo DS. In a recent interview, CEO Peter Moore addressed the 3DS strategy, or should we say, lack there of:

\”We were supportive of both of those platforms, but then you\’ve got finite resources and you\’ve got teams that say, \’We really think that two or three years from now, these are the platforms that people are going to be consuming games on.\’ And you look at the quality of what you can do on phones and tablets… Sometimes strategy is not about what you do but what you don\’t do, and you have to make some hard calls when you\’ve got only so many people. To my point, we\’ve got to be planning for FY 17 and 18. Do you think the Vita and 3DS are going to be around in some shape or fashion by then on a scale level?\”

While understandable to think in the long run that the 3DS won\’t be churning out much new content in 2018, one would think that EA would want a piece of the 43+ Million 3DS’s in the world today.

Shawn Long
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