Earth Defense Force World Brothers

The Earth Defense Force series is certainly full of cartoonish charm, as you wield giant guns and battle hordes of otherworldly insects. Still, the cheesy charm of the series contrasts with the realistic art style and the overwhelming amount of explosions and blood splatters that accompany each mission. Fans of that classic stylistic clash will be happy to know that D3 Publisher has announced Earth Defense Force 6 will be arriving in 2021, but the company has also announced another game in the series set to hit Nintendo Switch this year. It’s called Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, and it’s a wild mish-mash of classic EDF gameplay and a cutesy Minecraft-style voxel aesthetic.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

Often times, people are turned off by the Earth Defense Force series due to the swarms of realistic, goo-spraying bugs crawling around each map. If you’re sensitive to insects or don’t vibe with the violence of the main series, the blocky aesthetic of this new title is sure to help you face your fears and defeat some alien ants. In this spin-off, you’ll be traveling across fragmented dimensions and broken bits of real-world locations, leading to battles taking place across voxelized versions of the entire world.

You won’t be alone in your endeavor to save this pixelated planet from invaders. While the EDF was an established group in prior games, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers sees you rescuing and recruiting lone fighters across the world in order to build up your army and establish your own EDF division. Every possible unit, unique character, and spinoff character from across the series is present n the game, leading to over 100 recruitable allies to discover.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2020. An English release has yet to be confirmed.


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