Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

Announced last month by D3 Publisher, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers was initially only confirmed for a Japanese release later this year on Nintendo Switch. As confirmed a couple of days ago, though, the game will also be arriving in North America and Europe sometime in 2021. While we know when the game is arriving, it still hasn’t been made entirely clear what the game is like beyond sporting a Minecraft-y voxel art style and a bunch of selectable characters. Thanks to a new debut gameplay trailer, though, we now know just what to expect from this new, pixelated take on the franchise.

As a long-time fan of the Earth Defense Force series, this debut gameplay video for Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is music to my… eyes. The game is more of that unforgettable third-person bug exterminating action, with all too familiar hordes of cutesy giant ants swarming around the level. While the enemies are rendered in an adorable new art style, though, they still gush out pools of green blood and orange goo at a constant, slightly sickening rate. Enemies don’t seem to drop any loot upon dying, but that’s likely because this game sees you choosing from over 100 characters with unique loadouts and abilities rather than customizing your own EDF soldier as you normally would.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch in Japan later this year, with a release in North America and Europe following some time in 2021.



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