Earthblade EXOK Extremely Okay Games Celeste developer announced teaser poster music 2D pixel art explor-action game

Extremely OK Games (EXOK), the formally established studio consisting of the developers that created Celeste, has announced Earthblade, a “2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world.” Unfortunately, it’s a really vague announcement meant as more of a teaser than a formal reveal, and we don’t know much of anything about the game beyond that yet. There is no trailer. There is, however, a huge poster and a piece of teaser music, both of which are quite nice and worth checking out.

Earthblade has no release date or announced platforms; it merely exists out there in the nether somewhere. Maddy Thorson of EXOK talked about the game’s development though, saying that it took four prototypes to arrive at the game in its current form. This version of the game apparently falls into the studio’s sweet spot “between the unknown and the comfort zone.”

You really shouldn’t expect the game to arrive anytime soon though, as Celeste released in 2018 and Thorson stated, “Now it sounds optimistic to say out loud that Earthblade could be released within 5 short years of Celeste. The truth is that we don’t know how long it will take, just that it will take as long as it takes (and that it will take a long time).” Fortunately, if you’re a fan of the developer’s games, you’re probably already used to waiting.

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