Earthbound 64

Earthbound 64, the cancelled project that was reworked into Mother 3 after proving unable to overcome the N64’s RPG allergy, is a perpetually intriguing prospect. Every now and then, new details about its development arise out of nowhere, or in this case, are rediscovered two decades later.

Using Japan’s National Diet Library to search through an old monthly segment called Mother 3 Times in archived editions of video game magazine Dengeki Nintendo 64, Source Gaming translator Kody “NOKOLO” has unearthed a few details previously lost to time. The video below shows us the first bits of their findings, focused on translations from volumes 21 and 22 of the Mother 3 Times, which respectively ran in May and June of 1999. Volume 21 shed light Mother 3 party member Boney the Dog and a mysterious site known as Toilette Falls. Volume 22, meanwhile, visits the remnants of Osohe Castle and introduces twins Lucas and Claus.

How do you think Earthbound 64 would have turned out if it ever saw the light of day? One has to wonder if the Mother series could have carved out a different path for itself had it launched its third entry on a home console in a world that was still swept off its feet by Final Fantasy VII.


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