Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Switch title that embraces creativity. Gamers have been making some really cool inventions with the tools provided in the game. Lately, the community has been busy recreating famous locales from Nintendo’s history. One recent island makeover references the town of Onett from the SNES RPG, Earthbound.

Earthbound Americana in my island getaway

Japanese Twitter user @koumepo uploaded a clip of their village from New Horizons. Fans of Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo will immediately recognize it:

As someone who is very fond of Earthbound, I can assure you the detail put into this is incredible. The villager outfit, stop signs, garbage cans, and pictures of Mr. Saturn are nice touches. Also, Sans and The Annoying Dog from Undertale are hiding about. This makes sense, as Earthbound was a very clear influence on Toby Fox’s indie gem.

Seeing this island in motion brought back many happy memories. The town of Onett is the first environment Ness interacts with, and it’s a huge part of Earthbound‘s appeal. Having a video game reference American life, by integrating pizza, fast food, bakeries, and arcades, was mind-blowing at the time. It was the first RPG I played that felt like stepping into the real world. Well, minus the short, naked doctor who operates out of a trash bin.

Enthusiasts, do you think this Earthbound Onett recreation is accurate? Let us know your feelings below!

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