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Eastward just got a pretty substantial update on Switch. The update attacks bugs, adds a handful of helpful new features, and makes a few quality of life fixes. The patch notes for new features and QOL improvements are embedded below, and you can view the full patch notes here if you would like to see a list of specific bug fixes.

New Features

  • Fast Travel on the map
  • A new option on the Main Menu after the first playthrough, which includes?
  • Chapter Selection: Start a new game from a specific Chapter with an empty save or a load data from a previous Chapter selection save.
  • Earth Born: Play directly from the menu, and collect data from your existing save
  • Play Credits
  • A Display Mode selection option appears at the first launch of the game
  • New filter mode (Available in Clear, CRT, and Normal)
  • Added mapping for the Right Analog Stick function
  • Added a map opening reminder at the beginning of the first Chapter
Quality of Life Adjustments
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the money/supplies for killing monsters
  • Increased the damage of guns
  • Improved UI hints in the driving mini-game
  • Adjusted the positions of the Vending Machine and the Stove in the Solomon’s Grave on the Time Island
  • Added extra auto-save points between Chapter 6 and the final Chapter to avoid the loop caused by the failure in compulsory battles
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the chasing part of Chapter 8
  • Added more auto-save points in the main hall level of Chapter 8
  • Adjusted the scene on the third floor of the Eternal Tower so that characters will not stand out of the line after the Time Reversal
  • Adjusted the mass of John’s bombs to solve the problem that he might get expelled out of the screen by the bombs on some linear maps
  • Added more narrative content in the Miasma chasing part of Chapter 8
  • Removed the collision between the Giant Black Creature and other monsters
  • Increased aim-assist for Sam’s action.

Are you excited about any of the new features in the latest Eastward update on Switch? Have you played through the game already, or were you waiting to see some TLC like this update hit first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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