Easy mode will make Little Town Hero more manageable


Little Town Hero is already available on the Switch, but a key update is on the way. In a recent article by NIS America, the game’s upcoming physical edition was explored in-depth. On top of showcasing the additional content in Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition, NIS America mentioned that an easy mode will be coming to the game.

Enjoy the story

In Little Town Hero, players take on the role of Axe, a young boy with dreams far larger than the town he calls home. When Axe discovers an item that allows him to will his ideas to life, disaster strikes. Now Axe must use his ideas, brought to life by this new treasured item, to defend the town and everyone living there. It sounds like a unique combat system that’s not only more accessible but also a bit more fun than those used in most traditional RPGs. That said, Little Town Hero has proven difficult for many players to get into, with many complaints aimed at the randomness and length of battles.

The upcoming easy mode will lower the attack and defense stats for enemy Dazzits. A Dazzit is an idea, an Izzit, that has been fully realized and powered to become a type of attack. The Special Effects from certain enemies will also appear much less in easy mode. Combined, this should make easy mode something much closer to the story-focused modes in other games. By playing in this mode, you’ll be able to focus more on Little Town Hero‘s story and worry less about getting everything right in all the combat encounters.


Jamie Sharp
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