Piranha Plant is the first DLC character to hit Smash Bros. Ultimate. Before launch, the fighter was available for free to all players who purchased the game before February. Some unfortunate souls, however, were unaware of this promotion. Gamers who could have taken advantage of the voucher were duped into buying Piranha Plant DLC codes via eBay for upwards of $25.

It’s both funny and tragic

Here’s where things become laughably sad. Piranha Plant launched three days ago for the price of USD 4.99. Not terribly expensive for those who were patient and missed the free DLC voucher. However, gullible players were spending five times the asking price for an unlock code THEY COULD HAVE OBTAINED FOR FREE.

I’m not making this up. Check out this screenshot:


Damn. This is both depressing and laughable.

Both gamers and eBay users are at fault here. On the gamer side, players should have been more aware of the Piranha Plant promotion. Nintendo had been pretty clear about the freebie. Starting up Ultimate even reminded everyone about the code via message. eBay-wise, users knew they were deliberating misinforming the public. The wording behind some of these sales makes it sound like Piranha Plant cannot be unlocked without buying the code. Scalpers are STILL being disingenuous about the whole fiasco.

Fellow Enthusiasts, a penny for your thoughts? Were players too gullible in this situation? Are eBay scalpers taking advantage of the uninformed? Let us know your feelings in the comment field below.

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