Echoes of Mana release date spring 2022 TGS gameplay trailer Tokyo Game Show Square Enix WFS Wright Flyer Studios

Publisher Square Enix and developer Wright Flyer Studios are targeting a spring 2022 worldwide release date window for free-to-play action RPG Echoes of Mana on Android and iOS. The game was originally announced back in June, but at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021 Online, the first Echoes of Mana gameplay trailer was revealed.

It brings together all the Mana characters from across the franchise for an all-star outing, but there are new male and female protagonists, Kilt and Kilte (what a difference a letter makes, I guess). A party of three can be made out of the available options. The hero will travel across “worlds of memories” (via Gematsu) seeking a legendary sword that can bring back the world from ruin. Both familiar franchise worlds and all-new worlds will appear in Echoes of Mana, and the TGS gameplay trailer certainly features a lot of familiar content. Per usual, it seems like the biggest barrier to entry will just be the hassle of mobile controls.

If you’re not a mobile gamer and aren’t persuaded by the Echoes of Mana TGS gameplay trailer, don’t fret too much. After all, in addition to producing a Legend of Mana anime, Square Enix is already working on the next console Mana game.


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