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Today, publisher Klabater and developer Inverge Studios launch 3D action adventure Effie on Nintendo Switch, with a launch trailer to commemorate it. The game previously launched on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox (in that order), and it combines combat, platforming, puzzles, and exploration — all the good stuff you could hope for. Effie retails for $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop but is currently discounted to $16.99, and you can take an extra 10% off the price if you own other Klabater titles on Switch. In Europe, the game will also be offered physically with Meridiem Games in Q3 2021 for €29.99.

The premise of Effie is that protagonist Galand has had his youth stolen by a witch, and he will use a magic shield called Runestone to both protect himself and fight back against black magic that is dominating the Oblena region. Runestone is multifaceted in its utility, even acting as a surfboard in the image above. The developers were inspired by several specific titles while making this game, including Ratchet and Clank, A Hat in Time, The Legend of Zelda in general, RiME, Abzu, Yooka-Laylee, Rayman games, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot.

It seems Effie received a somewhat mixed reception in its original release on PlayStation 4. However, if you’re already a lover of adventures and platforming, you’ll probably still have a solid time with Effie on Nintendo Switch if the launch trailer is any indication.

[Source: PR]

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