Crush your enemies’ hats to crush their soul. King of the Hat is the last man standing multiplayer game that will have you return for “just one more match”.

The basics

When Fatcats pave over Hatlandia, the remaining citizens are forced to fight in the game show, King of the Hat. It’s a best of five rounds where jumping on a hat equals instant death and the last one alive wins the round. To play there are two actions available: jumping and throwing your hat. As a defensive maneuver, throwing your hat can save you from being killed and buy you some time. As an offensive maneuver, you can knock off an opponent’s hat to make their hat easier to target. Or you can hit their character to knock them away from their hat. It may sound simple, but it gets chaotic quickly.

Choose your character

Based on what character you select, more options become available as each one has unique properties. For example, Cole is able to hover in the air, while Scarecrow won’t take knockback, but has to jump instead of walking. Fat Cat gets a speed boost when he’s not wearing his hat and Dark Birthday’s hat grows when it’s thrown. These add more variety to fights and add on top of a great foundation. Not to mention stages like one where the edges of the screen loop into each other like giant portals.

Oddjob would be proud

The frantic nature of chasing after a hat to either save yourself or knock out your friends is exhilarating and addicting. There was always time to go back for one more match. EGLX attendees also really enjoyed the game, because the sixteen TVs setup were full, all day Saturday and Sunday.

The game is currently available on Discord with a Switch and PC release slated for early 2019. I talked with designer and co-founder Chris Day, and he said they’re looking to add more content for the later releases. Examples being a survival mode and potentially a story mode with bosses. Right now the game can be played with up to four people, free-for-all or teams, and locally or online. There are at least a dozen stages, and fourteen characters (with more coming). If you want a fun multiplayer game that anyone can pick up, keep an eye on it.

Matt Graff
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