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On the weekends, when there isn’t a lot of urgent news coming out, we have the freedom to look around for stuff that’s… weirder. In this case, there’s an EarthBound ROM hack at Romhacking.net called EightBound out, which introduces a ton of Final Fantasy characters and elements. In particular, Final Fantasy VIII receives focus, hence the name EightBound. Professional Japanese-to-English localizer and Mother super fan Clyde Mandelin was the first to notice this hack on Twitter.

Contributors “Polinym” and “Mareeta” are responsible for this oddity, which is said to include representation for all nine of the original Final Fantasy games. Additionally, “All menus, text, commands, items, enemies, and magic have been converted into Final Fantasy terms. The battle system was also adjusted to make battle more frantic, fast-paced, and exciting.” The game has been rebalanced such that grinding is reportedly unnecessary, and EightBound is apparently packed with boss fights that will require strategy to defeat.

Those are lofty claims of course, so one would have to actually play the hack to see if it lives up to its promise. I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a go, but at the very least, I can say Polinym gave it an absolutely insane-looking trailer. Basically, the trailer looks like EarthBound smoked PCP and then had a stroke.

If you love EarthBound and FF, you might as well give EightBound a whirl. Report back to us with what you think of it.


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