Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter funded PC next-generation Nintendo Switch 2 console Rabbit & Bear Studios Suikoden successor

Rabbit & Bear Studios’ Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has launched on Kickstarter, and despite an outage that took the Kickstarter website offline for over an hour, the game has already met its $509,713 initial funding goal. That means the Suikoden spiritual successor will release for PC, tentatively targeting a fall 2022 release. In addition to a $750K stretch goal for “Fortress Town,” there is a $1 million stretch goal that will bring the game to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and — very curiously — a Nintendo console of some kind, which may be Nintendo Switch or possibly a hypothetical “Switch 2.”

Rabbit & Bear notes that there is no way of knowing what Nintendo’s future hardware plans are and that a Nintendo Switch version, while hypothetically feasible, would not be ideal. A hypothetical next-generation Nintendo console would be preferable for the development team.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on a Nintendo Switch 2?

Below is the full statement from Kickstarter regarding Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes maybe coming to Nintendo Switch or, preferably, a “Switch 2”:

The elephant in the room is that while nobody knows what Nintendo’s plans are for when this game releases, in just about every major Japanese game crowdfunding campaign, when a lower spec hardware has been listed on the campaign, it has invariably been too expensive, often times requiring downgrading textures, massive amounts of code rewrites, effectively meaning building two games.

For anyone that has backed one of these campaigns, you obviously know the outcome. These platforms usually get cancelled or dropped from the campaign. So, again, keeping with 100% transparency for what is an incredibly difficult problem, if the console stretch goal is cleared, we will create a version of the game for Nintendo hardware.

Hopefully, that will be something akin to a Switch 2, allowing for similar quality and gameplay experience across all platforms. In the end, if no such console is announced by the time we need to create new console version branches, we will go through the major challenges of the aforementioned texture changes and code rewrites, or refund any backers who pledged to the platform, if there is absolutely no solution.

A robust Kickstarter campaign

Complex Nintendo development aside, the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter seems well thought out. There are many tiers at which you can back, involving a collectable T-shirt, CD and vinyl soundtracks, and even hand-painted figures. Plus, you can have your cat (or also your “non-cat pet”) put in the game!

Beyond that, the Kickstarter trailer itself is pretty awesome and bonkers. Bloodstained creator Koji Igarashi makes a cameo appearance as “The Boss” that is vanquished by the development team after they summon the help of other heroes. After that, it segues into a bit of actual gameplay, which oozes Suikoden through and through.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will reportedly contain actually more than 100 heroes, leading some to speculate it will have 108 characters like in Suikoden. Regardless, this is a game old-school RPG fans are bound to appreciate. Check out the Kickstarter for mountains of information about the narrative and backer options.


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