We had the opportunity to sit down with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Blades team at E3 2019. We discuss the Nintendo Switch port of the game. From why they chose to make a Nintendo Switch version of Blades to what the future may hold for the upcoming title. For more videos like this, go subscribe to the Nintendo Enthusiast YouTube channel. Let’s jump in!

Something we didn’t dive very deep into during the interview was the control options on Switch. The Elder Scrolls Blades offers three different types of ways to play. New to the Nintendo Switch version, you can play traditionally with a Pro controller or Joycon attached (my preferred way). Or play undocked using touch-based controls similar to the game’s iOS counterpart. Lastly, also new to the Switch version, you can separate the Joycon and play with motion-controls. I love that The Elder Scrolls Blades offers variety, something even Nintendo could learn from (Pokemon Let’s Go, I’m looking at you!).

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