Wario Elon Musk SNL Saturday Night Live sketch murder trial Mario Luigi Peach not funny at ALL

Love him or hate him, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared as the special guest on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night, where, among other things, he played Wario in a sketch about the murder trial of Mario. It involves a sorrowful witness Luigi recounting how Wario iced Mario with a banana peel during some innocent go-karting, followed by some twists.

On paper, it sounds like there’s some comedy value there. In practice, it’s a painfully unfunny waste of nearly six minutes, with Elon Musk utterly incapable of being funny as Wario and most of the SNL jokes depending on “funny” Italian accents, even when a character having that accent doesn’t make sense. Then there’s the usual “haha mushrooms are drugs” joke, followed by some cheating accusations, and it’s just the usual bundle of crap comedy I would expect from SNL.

Credit where it’s due, making an extremely wealthy man like Elon Musk Wario is a pretty amusing angle — but when SNL chooses to fill the sketch with dick jokes instead of, like, actual comedy writing, it’s a wasted opportunity to be sure.

Personally, my favorite example of a lovingly crafted parody of a classic video game franchise will always be “The Last Days of Dr. Wily,” spoofing Mega Man.


John Friscia
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