Earlier this year, there was a rumor going around that Xbox Live would be available on Switch at some point in the future. Here we are in May, and Xbox Live still hasn’t migrated to Nintendo’s latest. Gamers are an impatient lot, though, so one particular hacker decided to take matters into their own hands. Known by the handle Voxel9 on YouTube, this programmer managed to emulate the original Xbox on Switch.

Emulate Master Chief on a Nintendo system!

Direct both of your eyeballs to the following footage of said emulation:

Oh, goodness gracious! This is quite impressive. I wish I could do stuff like this.

The Xbox emulation runs through the Linux operating system. As you can see, right now the project is quite slow. However, it is still undeniably cool to see Halo: Combat Evolved on a portable system, regardless of how it runs. Ditto for Jet Set Radio Future, the greatest video game about vandalism.

What are your feelings on seeing the Switch emulate Microsoft’s first major console? Have any gifted Enthusiasts managed to emulate a particular console on a completely different system? Start a discussion on the topic by leaving a comment below!

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