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It is no secret Epic Games has made money hand over fist since it released Fortnite in 2017. In March alone the game generated $223 million in revenue and in May, Epic Games announced tournaments would have a prize pool of $100 million, making it the highest paying Esport in the world. But what does that say about the developer’s worth? Bloomberg is now reporting Fortnite has pushed the total worth of Epic Games into the $5 billion to $8 billion range.

But the game and its player base of 125 million people are just part of why Epic Games is now worth so much. Recently the North Carolina-based developer and Funko agreed to a merchandising deal that includes figures, keychains, and more. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti said the collection will be “A true celebration of Fortnite’s incredible popularity and cultural significance”.

epic games

If a major publisher made a bid for the developer, Bloomberg estimates Epic’s worth would be around $14 billion. However, it also states the company could be sold for half the amount due to a variety of factors. The biggest one being the possibility the game’s player base dwindles in the future.

Right now the game shows no signs of slowing down. As Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of its release, Epic Games has introduced a new patch in celebration. The patch comes with a variety of improvements, health increasing birthday cake, and the return of the game’s Playground mode.

What do you think Fortnite’s future looks like as it enters its second year of release? Comment below!

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