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Yoshi’s Crafted World cannot come soon enough. After leaks forced Nintendo to confirm the title, gamers like me wanted to play the game ASAP. I mean, it looks just like a storybook come to life! Luckily, a UK eShop listing might have let slip Yoshi’s Crafted World is launching in the coming months.

Please, ye gods, be true

According to GameXplain, Yoshi’s Crafted World now has an active page on the Nintendo UK eShop. This doesn’t mean much by itself, but its placement on the distribution service might.

On the Coming Soon section, releases are listed chronologically. One of the games shown under this heading is Toejam and Earl: Back in the Game. That title is launching March 1, 2019. What game is listed right after? Yoshi’s Magnificent Storybook Adventure (my better name for Nintendo’s Yoshi Switch game).

Based on this evidence, we can safely assume Yoshi’s Crafted World is launching sometime in March of 2019. Nintendo’s official page for the platformer lists it as launching Spring 2019, so the timeframe fits.

If this speculation is true, I’d be a happy camper. I absolutely cherished Yoshi’s Wooly World on Wii U, and Crafted World looks just as adorable. Hopefully, the game will be as deceptively difficult to 100 percent. Just because a video game is cute doesn’t mean it’s not outrageously hardcore.

How do the lot of you feel about this theory? Do you think it’s credible because the last eShop leak turned out to be legit? Is it total malarky? Is Yoshi’s Crafted World the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen? Let us know your innermost feelings below.

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