I know. It sucks the Doom Slayer isn’t coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Also, DOOM Eternal is making its way to Switch after debuting on other consoles. But there is some cool news for masochists! DOOM Eternal is going to have a difficulty higher than Nightmare. I can hear all of you tensing up with fear.

Will this make DOOM Eternal the hardest game in the series?

The dev team behind the upcoming violent FPS has confirmed the mode’s existence, though a name hasn’t been given to it as of yet. Roguelike in nature, the setting will see players battling through the entire game with one life. No checkpoints, either: if the Slayer dies at any point, it’s back to the start of the adventure. Why anyone would put themselves through this is beyond me.

If you are taking solace in thinking your failure to progress in this mode will at least remain anonymous, think again. Other gamers can see how far one makes it through this torment before being annihilated. Great, so there will always be peer pressure to git gud.

Enthusiasts, will the judgment of the masses be enough encouragement to make it past DOOM Eternal‘s horrific new setting? Let us know if you are even thinking of attempting it with a comment below.

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