For as long as I can remember, ads before movies always asked the audience to be respectful. No talking or texting during the film. It sounds like common sense. However, I bet many people still need this reminder to make sure they act right. Paramount seems keen to get a little playful with this cautionary message, as it is planning a Sonic etiquette PSA for release in theaters.

Sonic demands proper etiquette or there will be consequences

According to a list of rated trailers, there will be a video entitled “Sonic The Hedgehog (Etiquette No Talk/Text Spot).” It will last 30 seconds and start airing this month, a little before the Sonic the Hedgehog movie release in February.

This etiquette spot will likely remind gamers of the “Sonic Says” segments from the hedgehog’s weekday morning cartoon. At the end of an episode, Sonic would give life advice to the audience. Topics ranged from harassment to electrical appliance safety.

Here’s a personal fave of mine:

“Don’t be a fool, smoking isn’t cool.” Thanks to Sonic, I’ve been smoke-free my entire life.

Enthusiasts, do you feel like Sonic will be lecturing you during this upcoming etiquette ad, or are you grateful for his concern? Let us know in the comment section below!

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