Tired of your RPG experience being riddled with pesky dragons, knights, mages, and archers? Developer Eden Industries hopes to provide a new, modern experience with Citizens of Earth. In a similar vein as Earthbound, it takes places in modern times and what helps make it truly stand out is that it makes the everyday person the hero. In fact, with more than forty playable characters, it allows players to customize their party ranging from their mother to a firefighter to a yoga teacher. Each of these characters are completely different in their own right rather than simply being a re-skin of another model. There is not even a default \”attack\” command in combat, as each different character has its own unique ability set and move list. Your mother may nag an enemy, the yoga teacher may do stretches, and the firefighter may use a water hose. Each character truly feels like its very own class of character.

Citizens of Earth features a strategic RPG system akin to Bravely Default. Each character has a certain amount of power points; where some attacks may drain them, others may restore them. As a result, characters have to strategically plan their moves in order to anticipate when they might need to utilize their power points and when they will be able to recover them. This mechanic becomes incredibly complex with multiple characters in a party, as some may be using every point in devastating the enemy character, whereas others are busy trying to recuperate.

Although this diversity in gameplay successfully keeps players engaged, the entire presentation of the game is incredibly engaging as well. The demo had me right off the bat beating up protesters in front of my house before heading off to save the world. The art style eerily echoes Earthbound; however, it has a modern and stylized look to it as well. Each character model is unique and expressive and the storyline itself is also as equally creative. The Wii U version currently does not have any especially exciting features other than Off-Screen play; however, the developer stated that the Wii U version will be just as good as the PC and PS4 versions. For all future coverage of Citizens of Earth, make sure to check back with Nintendo Enthusiast.

Eli Pales
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