Evertried announcement trailer release date fall 2021 Nintendo Switch Dangen Entertainment Lunic Games and Danilo Domingues

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developers Lunic Games and Danilo Domingues have announced isometric tactical roguelite Evertried for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, arriving in fall 2021. For a limited time, the game has also received a demo on Steam, loosely coinciding with the event DreamHack Beyond. The premise of the game is that a fallen warrior is climbing a tower in the afterlife where each floor has unique challenges that call for strategic positioning. Combat is turn-based in Evertried, and the enemies move when you move.

The 50 floors of the tower are divided into five areas, and each area has a Shop Floor to spend shards for health, skills, and modifiers. If you die at any point, such as during the boss at the end of an area, your run is over, but mastery of skills will carry over between runs. The core of gameplay is to time your movements and attacks well to maximize damage and avoid harm. A dash mechanic allows you to move double the distance and travel through obstacles. There is also a Focus Level mechanic, which determines the shards you receive and unlocks modifiers, and Focus Level increases by attacking enemies and decreases when idle or not attacking. Check out the Evertried announcement trailer for more of what to expect on Switch and its other platforms.

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