Shiro games, creator of the newly released hit game Evoland, have mentioned that the game could possibly evolve into something fantastic on a Nintendo console such as the Wii U or 3DS.  Evoland, chronicles the story of a young man aptly named \”Clink\” who wears green clothes and carries a sword.  That sounds oddly familiar doesn\’t it? Clink’s tale begins almost like it does in the game Two Brothers where everything is in complete Gameboy black, green, and white shades.  It moves from the world of 8-bit Gameboy to NES color and on to an almost cel-shaded colorful atmosphere after that.

Battles first take place in top down Legend of Zelda style with Clink poking his enemies to kill them with his tiny sword and moves up to turn based RPG style battles.  Overall, the game itself pays homage to many different styles of RPG such as dungeon crawling hack and slash to Final Fantasy turn based nostalgia.  The side view Final Fantasy style battles will allow your character to level up, use magic, use items, and anything else a normal side view fighting RPG would do.  Another cool thing is that you can jump back and forth between the hack and slash adventure and the RPG level up battles.

As far as the possibility of Evoland coming to either the Wii U or 3DS Shiro games CEO Sebastien Vidal said,

\”We have talked with Nintendo about this and it is something that we would like to do in theory. It is quite a bit of work from a technology and UI standpoint, though. On top of that, we have already started working (a bit) on our next game. The only thing I can say is that we are discussing the possibility regularly, but we don\’t know if it will happen or not at this point. As far as Nintendo is concerned, we have discussed the possibility to port the game and they were quite keen, but we said we would talk again after the release when we\’ll have more time to decide where we\’re going next. We didn\’t discuss 3DS, Wii U or anything else, so it’s just early discussions.\”

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