Ex-Zodiac, a low-poly 3D rail shooter inspired by the likes of Star Fox, just launched on Kickstarter. The rad art style, tight gameplay, and positive potential for the project all resonated with backers right away – at the time of writing, the project is just under $2000 away from its $25,024 goal. Luckily for the large swath of Star Fox fans that prefer to play their games on a Nintendo console. Ex-Zodiac dev Ben Hickling currently plans to bring the game to Switch. He doesn’t know when that version would land, though, and at the moment, he doesn’t even want to risk promising that the game will make it onto Switch.

Ex-Zodiac has all sorts of neat features and content planned. Right now, Hickling intends for there to be 12 main levels, secret areas and side excursions, multiple routes to finish the game with, and a major boss for each level. Did I mention that Ex-Zodiac reminds of Star Fox just a little bit?

With an existing Discord community and a 2-level Steam demo, Hickling has gone out of his way to put Ex-Zodiac in front of many desiring eyes as possible. It helps that the gameplay we have so far looks absolutely spectacular. With any luck, the Kickstarter will smash past the goal and Hickling will be able to use some of that cash to speed up production, because the Star Fox lover in me needs this game and Astrodogs in my hands, well, yesterday.

Andrew Rockett
I'm the Reviews Editor here at Nintendo Enthusiast, and I'm a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to talk games old and new.


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