The Wii U eShop has brought about a great variety in game types to Wii U owners, but one genre that seems to be lacking (both on the eShop and in general) are survival horror games. What once was a booming market in the PS1, N64, and PS2 era, survival horror games have for the most part become an extreme rarity. Edrox Interactive is looking to change that though with their game for the Wii U eShop – Bizerta: Silent Evil.

Bizerta: Silent Evil has an interesting story that is still being fully developed. The developer shared with us that in the game you play as a 15 year old boy who awakens in a “Dark World” and is now a 30 year old man. He must find out what caused it, why he is there, and how he can escape this area. The game uses the GamePad in an excellent way too. The developer shared some prototype (not finished) screenshots of different uses of the GamePad.

Finally, Edrox Interactive shared some exclusive in-game screenshots of Bizerta: Silent Evil, and the game certainly looks very impressive graphically. The amazing thing is the game is still a work in progress, and the developer plans on working on the graphical engine during the development even more. For now, enjoy these gorgeous in-game screenshots and let us know what you think of Bizerta: Silent Evil in the comments below.

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