Gamesbymo revealed A.N.N.E a while back, and it’s just completed it’s Kickstarter campaign. The game failed to reach it’s Wii U stretch goal, however developer Mo Breton has confirmed the game will eventually end up on Wii U, hopefully before the end of 2014…

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What is your background in gaming? Which games and platforms particularly stand out for you?

I got hooked on video games when I tried Super Mario at my uncle’s place. Prior to that I had an Atari and stuff like that handed to me from family, but I never found them that addictive or interesting. Playing Super Mario got me hooked and after harassing my parents for weeks they finally went out to get me a NES. From that point on I was renting two games nearly every week end…  NES, Super NES and Sega Genesis (Megadrive) are the retro platforms that I have the most love for. In terms of influential games there are so many, games like Contra, Blaster Master, Jackal, Life Force, Gradius, Castlevania, Mega Man and so many more. I would say on the NES, Konami and Capcom were killing it. On the SNES Squaresoft was champ and on the Genesis I was a big fan of Camelot/Climax: Shinning Force series, Landstalker etc… My game is essentially a tribute to all those great games.


Which games have you previously been involved with?

Mostly small licensed titles. I worked on games from the Pixar Cars license (PS3, 360, Wii), Chicken Little (on DS), Sponge Bob (Wii, PS2), Spider-Man (PS3, 360). Since I started Gamesbymo I released a free browser game called Boss Fight (playable on my website) and Keshigomu which is free on iOS. I was also involved in the Chrono Resurrection project which Square axed back in 2005.

What is A.N.N.E? What does the name mean?

It’s the name of the little robot in the game and it is based on the Acronym “A.N.N.E.” which stands for “Artificial Neurone Network Ensemble”. It is a more complicated way of saying A.I. It works perfectly as the name of the girl and the fact that she is a robot.


How much of the game is on foot compared to when flying the ship?

It’s tough to judge at this point but I am targeting a 60% on foot 40% in ship sort of ratio. The ship travels much faster which is why you may spend less time in the ship.

The game features levelling up, how will this directly affect game-play? Will the player unlock additional weapons and items?

I really wanted to have RPG elements in the game. You do get to level up and purchase new equipment that can also be upgraded. The RPG element for me is a good way to keep the game open while suggesting an optimal path to explore by having high level enemies stand in your way versus lower level enemies. It is also a good way to give the opportunity for the player to grind if the game seems a bit difficult while doing the opposite to more hardcore gamers that may want to test their skills.


The Kickstarter campaign failed to reach the Wii U stretch goal, but you have claimed all stretch goals will eventually be fulfilled in a matter of time. How long do you think it will be until A.N.N.E is available on the eShop?

It is hard to give a set date for this yet, but I would really love to get the game out on the eShop before the end of 2014.

How far along in development is the game? Which tools are you using to create the game?

The game is almost feature complete, which means that most systems have been created and that I will soon be focusing solely on making content for the game. I use a lot of different tools to make the game from Flatredball engine, 3D software for some mechanical animations to Photoshop for base sprites.

At what stage in development is the Wii U version? Have you explored the Wii U’s unique features?

We are just getting started on the Wii U version. My focus is currently 100% on completing the game and as I move forward with some final decisions I keep the Wii U in mind in order to take advantage of specific Wii U hardware feature like the Wii U Gamepad.

When A.N.N.E development is complete, what is next for Gamesbymo? Would you considering the Wii U or perhaps the 3DS for your next project?

I definitely have a lot of ideas I’d love to do next, but at the moment all my thoughts and efforts are on A.N.N.E. We’ll see once I get closer to shipping the game if I desperately need to do something new to recharge my creative juices or jump on a sequel.


What games are you personally looking forward to in the future?

The Last Guardian, Mercenary Kings, “X” from Monolithsoft, MGS5. Probably a lot more games that I am not thinking about at the moment. LOL!

Thanks to Mo for taking the time away from A.N.N.E to answer our questions. We wish you, and the rest of Gamesbymo the best of luck with development!

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