One of the latest additions on Kickstarter, The Hand of Panda, is coming to the 3DS eShop, should it reach it’s funding, and a HD version for the Wii U has also been mentioned. We\’ve interviewed Ross Omland, one of the developers behind the game to find out more…

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First of all, please can you tell our readers about your gaming memories? Could you name a favourite game or format?

I honestly think the best gaming memories I had is when games started out to be such simple adventures on the Apple IIe and Atari 800 computers. Games like Karateka and the original Castle Wolfenstein along with a forgotten format; text adventures, really left so much to the imagination which made games of their time really exciting. What’s great is that so many of these old titles would fit so naturally on today’s handheld systems. Hopefully given enough time, that will become a reality.

What is your experience with game development? Any previous successes?

 Isaias and I both worked as artists and level designers for several years at eV Interactive on some wonderful rail shooters such as Remington Super Slam Alaska & Africa, along with a few other titles for both the consoles and PC.  These arcade hunting games can be found on both the Wii and 3DS. We decided that since we\’ve become familiar with the systems and their capabilities, that it was time to try something on our own.


What is \”The Hand of Panda\”?

The Hand of Panda game offers a different take on the Bonus Rounds often found in fighting games, complete with slicing action and button mashing combos fit for a 3D handheld system. Just think Mortal Kombat’s \”Test Your Might\” meets \”Fruit Ninja\” and you\’ll find we have quite a unique game.  

Which games inspired you to make this unique style of game?

You\’ll always find those key moments in games which makes something spark for the player. For us it started with the item breaking in Mortal Kombat, where the bonus round was a distraction from the guts of the game.  We want to take all those fun distractions and put them in one gameplay experience. You\’ll find elements of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fruit Ninja, Azura’s Wrath and many other games rolled into one.

The Hand of Panda is still seeking funding on Kickstarter

Why did you choose the 3DS, and when do you see the game releasing?

The Nintendo systems are very family oriented with games geared toward a much younger audience.  We choose the 3DS not only because of our experience with the hardware but because we knew that this game would fit the console much better than any other platform currently available.  Plus having any game in 3D definitely enhances the experience.  We\’re looking to release this game sometime before the holidays.

There’s a chance the game could also see a HD release on the Wii U, in what kind of time-frame could we expect a concrete announcement?

We\’ll know more once the 3DS titles comes closer to completion.  When working with a publisher, you not only have to work within your own time frame, but theirs as well which makes choosing a release date much more difficult. We\’ll definitely keep everyone updated as things progress.

What exclusive features of the 3DS are you looking to incorporate? Have you considered how you could make use of the unique features the Wii U has to offer?


The 3DS and Wii U both have duel screens, touch capabilities along with gyro sensors to react to the motion and tilt of the system.  A game for the 3DS naturally works very similarly to the Wii U, so while we originally designed this game to be much larger than what’s possible for the 3DS, once completed, we’ll do an HD overhaul, complete with more graphical effects, breakable items and new gameplay elements that will incorporate many of the systems key features. It will be the same game, just a much more enhanced version fitting for the Wii U.


On Nintendo Enthusiast we have a weekly feature called The Score, where we ask our readers a question each week and poll their results. I\’d like to ask you this week’s question…3DS or Wii U – If You Could Only Have One and Why?

The 3DS because it’s an ingenious handheld device that not only has wonderful games, but is simple, easy and fun to use for both short and long term gameplay experiences.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about our game!

Thanks to Ross to taking the time away from development to answer our questions, and best of luck with the remainder of the Kickstarter and development!


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