Rex Rocket successfully completed it’s Kickstarter campaign a couple of days ago. Originally pitched with a modest $6000 goal, the game managed to bring in just shy of $11,000 and it’s Linux stretch goal. Fortunately for us, developer Rob Maher has confirmed his intentions to bring the game to the 3DS and Wii U’s eShops.


Upon the completion of this campaign, we reached out to Rob who we previously interviewed a few weeks ago for a status update on the exciting project…

\”With a successful Kickstarter campaign under our belts, we\’re moving full steam ahead on the production of Rex Rocket.  The whole team has renewed motivation from all the positive feedback we received and we\’re now more focused than ever on delivering a fun and polished game.\” 

Rob also confirmed that they are in the initial stages of becoming an approved Nintendo developer, and have also incorporated to become CastlePixel. The game will also be made available via Steam



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