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Recently, I interviewed some of the folks at Unfinished Pixel, the indie studio behind the Super Blast sports series. Slowly but surely, the team is building a solid arsenal of budget sports titles. Their games, Super Volley Blast and Super Tennis Blast, aim for the perfect balance between arcade fun and consistent simulation.

The developers shared some insights behind the development process and their inspirations for certain features. They even briefly mentioned plans for the future. These include Super Soccer Blast and a list of other sports they’re interested in using for future Super Blast games. You can read the interview below.

Speaking with Unfinished Pixel

Nintendo Enthusiast: How satisfied are you with the performance of the Super Blast games on Switch thus far?

Unfinished Pixel: We are happy. Switch has been the platform with better sales for Super Volley Blast, and it looks like it will be the same for Super Tennis Blast.

NE: What has influenced your sports choices thus far? Why launch with volleyball? Why tennis?

UP: We chose volley for a number of reasons. First, we wanted to start the Super Blast IP with a less complex sport, to be able to develop the game on time minimizing the risk. Then, we wanted a cool sport that could fit with the arcade feel we wanted to transmit while being interesting for both users to buy and us to develop. Volley meets all the requirements.

Tennis was the evolution of the IP. A more complex sport (in terms of gameplay) with bigger reach with the possibility to evolve the Super Blast idea in a different number of ways (career mode, more Super Blast ideas, etc)

NE: The character creator in your games is very expansive. What inspired you guys to go so all out on a feature many would not expect in the game?

UP: We know a big point of sports games is playing with your favorite players, so we wanted to, as we can’t afford paying licenses, give the possibility to players to recreate their favorite ones. With the avatar editor, you can also create yourself, family, and friends, which we thought could be a big plus for games with a big couch multiplayer part, like both Volley and Super Tennis Blast.

NE: The Super Blast modes in your games add extra chaotic dimensions to gameplay. Have you had any ideas that were too chaotic to implement?

UP: Yes! There are some ideas that are too hard to implement (some ideas can change how the game works completely, and remember that AIs need also to be smart for those modes) or that are so chaotic that they end up being not so fun. Our focus is to add some simple modes that can be mixed so players can customize their experience. We released Super Tennis Blast with two modes, but we will release an update very soon with a lot of new modes. And some of them are the most chaotic ones that we have released until now.


NE: The Super Blast series certainly has the potential for a wide range of titles. What’s your long term plan? Any other sports you’d like to tackle someday?

UP: We have a lot of ideas, so in the long term, if everything goes well, we would like to develop some of the sports we love to play or watch (basket, hockey, paddle, among others). For now, we think that the initial Super Blast trilogy should conclude with our favorite sport: soccer!

I don’t know about you, readers, but soccer sounds like a lot of fun to me. Nintendo won’t give us another Mario Strikers, but the team at Unfinished Pixel has delivered twice now. As such, I’m quite excited to see their twist on another sport. I will also be keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual Super Hockey Blast.

In the meantime, if you are curious about the series, you can check out Unfinished Pixel’s website and read our Super Volley Blast review and our Super Tennis Blast review.

Note: This interview has been edited for clarity.

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