There are many games that have begun to add Oculus Rift support, but only one that was built from the ground up to create a virtual reality experience that amplifies the level of immersion in the game. The Gallery: Six Elements has become almost a poster child for the potential of the Oculus Rift, and now it may be coming to Wii U to offer a second unique way of experiencing the game.


This first-person adventure game draws inspiration from the Myst series and has players traversing through six painted portals that represent the \”core elements of life\” while a malevolent being is fast on your trail, constantly hunting you. Think of it as an evolution of the Myst experience for a new generation and modern technologies.

Oculus Rift provides a much wider field of view range than a regular television screen– so much so that the view of your in-game environment doesn\’t end at the corner of your eyes. You feel like you\’re able to see anywhere in the room, and by turning your head you can actually inspect the entire room from any angle. Being able to explore your surroundings with your direct head movement creates an entirely new sense of immersion in the game.

The Gallery: Six Elements is built from the ground up to take advantage of that. Looking around your environment isn\’t just a side-feature, rather, it’s a primary mechanic in the gameplay. Of course, that means the game has a heavy emphasis on exploration of your environments, puzzle-solving, adventuring, and a tangible sense of atmosphere.


I approached CloudHead Games in regards to bringing the game to Wii U. I knew they were aiming to create a unique, immersive experience and I thought that another way to realize their vision of exploring your environment would be with the Wii U GamePad. We\’ve all seen how the GamePad functions with the Wii U Panorama View. You use the GamePad to create a \”porthole\” into the world, and can explore with a 360 degree view many famous environments around the world, as if you\’re standing there at that moment.


Although the Oculus Rift completely immerses you in the scene, the Wii U GamePad would offer its own version of virtual reality. The Gallery: Six Elements could be one of the first core games to fully make use of the GamePad in such a fashion. The CloudHead guys thought the Wii U is definitely worth a shot to check out how the Oculus Rift experience would translate to the Wii U.


There are a few questions that have to be resolved before any concrete plans could get underway, though. There are some complexities regarding how the Unity engine is being optimized for the game and how much time and work that require to implement on Wii U.

The other issue is a matter of money. Since the team would need two Wii U dev kits, it would require extra money to suddenly come up with. Their Kickstarter campaign already ended successfully but it’s too late to add a Wii U stretch goal to help fund the Wii U version. So, the question is whether some other arrangement could be made.

If there’s no other solution I thought that maybe I can help fund the dev kits with the support of Nintendo fans who would help chip in to fund the Wii U version. The amount needed is around $5000, so I now turn to all of you: Would you be willing to chip in to a Wii U fund towards The Gallery: Six Elements as an early purchase of the game? Or maybe we can even start a Kickstarter. Of course, it might not end up being necessary, but if it did come to that would you help contribute to a Wii U version of the game?

If such a fund succeeded I might have a few other high-profile games that could possibly be brought over in a similar way. Leave your comments below to let us know what you think.

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