Exophobia first-person shooter retro FPS pixel art PM Studios Zarc Attack Nintendo Switch release date October 5 PC

In these modern times, pixel art and first-person shooting feel like an odd mix, but I’m a sucker for that visual style every time I see it. Along those lines, developer Zarc Attack and publisher PM Studios are bringing fast-paced pixelated FPS Exophobia to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on Oct. 5. Visually, it sets itself apart from other similar games with its distinct red and teal color scheme, which looks utterly terrific throughout its new trailer.

The premise of Exophobia is straightforward, which is always a good thing in an FPS: “You wake up to find yourself alone in a human spaceship infested with hostile alien soldiers. Explore your surroundings while you uncover piece by piece the backstory and destiny of its human inhabitants. Shoot, dash, stun your enemies and more, in your path to escape!” The game makes use of checkpoints, so when you die, you’re not starting from zero. There are also special rooms where you can upgrade your weapon with a new ability, expanding strategic combat options.

Exophobia on Nintendo Switch is in good company with other retro first-person shooter games on the platform, like Ion Fury and Project Warlock, among others.


John Friscia
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