Fairy Tail RPG

Koei Tecmo is probably known by many for their iconic Warriors series of action games. They’ve also been dabbling in incredibly well-done anime video games as of late, though. Now, a surprise announcement reveals that their next anime game travels to the world of iconic adventure series Fairy Tail, and it’s being made with the help of Atelier developers Gust Studios.

Rocking the simple yet effective title Fairy Tail, this upcoming RPG is the first-ever major console game for the 10-year-old manga and anime franchise. It’s also the first time that an anime game is being made by Gust Studios. Most of their career has been dedicated to the Atelier franchise, with some minor deviations into new titles like the action-adventure series Nights of Azure or the school-fantasy RPG Blue Reflection.

They aren’t tackling this new adventure alone, though. Manga author and creator of the Fairy Tail franchise Hiro Mashima is attached to the game as its supervisor. Having him on board for the development is sure to guarantee that this game will be as faithful to the source material as possible.

fairy tale game title screen

We get a hint of that faithfulness in the brief reveal trailer for the game. It shows us some action shots of our party of adventurers dishing out some bombastic attack animations. The animations are fluid and colorful, but it’s the 3D models of the characters that really stand out. They manage to really impressively capture the style and proportions Mashima’s original Fairy Tail art, and for an anime game, faithfulness to the original art style is always one of the most important parts. We also get a confirmation at the end of the trailer that the game will be arriving in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

We don’t know much else about the game yet, but Tokyo Game Show 2019 is happening at the end of next week, and Koei Tecmo has promised that we’ll see more information about Fairy Tail there. They’re a big company with lots of other games in the works, so we’ll likely see information about other upcoming releases like Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate as well.

Fairy Tail will release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam sometime in 2020.


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