Pokemon GO Plus accessories are such a hot item in Japan that counterfeits are now in huge circulation. They started to appear just this year and that is mostly due to the actual devices being hard to find in Japan. The two are almost indistinguishable from one another so it is very easy for consumers to get duped. I for one was not shocked that counterfeiters would take advantage of the low supply and high demand issues there.

According to Nintendo Soup, on Amazon Japan, third-party resellers were selling these for a while and they even cost double what legit ones do! Why on earth you would charge more for a fake is beyond me but maybe these resellers don’t even know it’s a knockoff.

Nintendo was interviewed about the matter and said ultimately they are aware of the fakes being sold across Japan, but won’t comment further on whether or not they have actually ceased production on the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. They further went on to say the best way to make sure you get a real one is by buying from a legitimate retailer in person, not online. Nintendo would also not say if they had plans to go after the people who are actively mass producing these counterfeits or even issue an official warning to Nintendo customers.

How to spot a fake

If you don’t even own a real one you would never be able to tell the difference at a glance and that’s not cool. There are a couple ways potential buyers can spot it though:

  • Missing the Nintendo logo on the back of the actual unit.
  • The strap is lower quality than that of the official one.
  • The packaging of the fake Pokemon GO Plus is of a slightly different color (a low print quality I would assume).

With Pokemon Let’s GO coming out and those sweet bundles that come with the Poke Ball Plus, you don’t even need the Pokemon GO Plus anymore, to be honest. Hopefully, they don’t make fakes of those too! Just remember the old saying: buyer beware.


Tarah Bleier


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