Falcom to begin developing Nintendo Switch games in-house starting 2022

Falcom has released its latest financial results that reveal plans to internally develop Nintendo Switch games starting in 2022. The company also has plans for the Ys series, which celebrates its 35th anniversary next year. A new Trails game from The Legend of Heroes will also get its latest entry in 2022.

Check out the notes from the financial results’ outlook for the FY ending September 2022 below:

  • The Falcom representative Ys series will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022.
  • Regarding games for Nintendo Switch, Falcom will move forward with in-house developments starting 2022.
  • Falcom will release the latest entry from the Trails series in 2022. The series is one of the company’s most award-winning series that has sold over six million copies worldwide and won awards from the Japan Game Awards, Famitsu Awards, PlayStation Awards, and more.
  • Falcom will begin to push forward with multiplatform titles on consoles, PC, and smartphone games for a worldwide audience in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The company will use its IPs to challenge itself by producing new titles, including the Trails and Ys series.

Up until now, the Falcom games we’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch mostly consisted of ports and remasters developed by Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Nippon Ichi Software. With Falcom internally developing Nintendo Switch games in 2022, that means the console will get more new and original titles. The first will be The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails. Up until now, Falcom games have mostly been combinations of PlayStation 4 & PS Vita or PS5 & PS4. Perhaps we’ll start seeing more new entries released first on the PS5/PS4 alongside the Nintendo Switch versions.


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