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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is quite a fun party game. The title’s popularity was buoyed by being a free PlayStation Plus download. However, it was a while before Mediatonic considered making other console ports. Luckily, Switch owners aren’t too far off from receiving the entertaining indie. It will launch on Nintendo’s latest this summer. While we wait for its inevitable appearance, the developers teased its upcoming crossover today on Twitter. It looks like the indie darling, Shovel Knight, will be making a cameo in Fall Guys with some supporting costumes.

Can I use Shovel Knight’s shovel to bash people into the abyss in Fall Guys?

Check out the Fall Guys‘ tweet teasing the collaboration, which is not very cryptic at all:

If this isn’t enough proof for you, Yacht Club Games, developer of Shovel Knight, responded to the tweet with this:

How cute and wholesome!

No word yet on when we will see the numerous beans from Fall Guys donning Shovel Knight’s armor. Hopefully, it will coincide with the launch of the Switch version of the battle royale in a few months.

Enthusiasts, are you excited about this epic crossover?  What other cameos do you expect to see in the future? Let us know below!


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