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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been delayed on Switch and Xbox yet again. Developer Mediatonic broke the news over on the game’s website in the following statement.

We know everyone’s excited about Fall Guy coming to Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox, with good reason. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media connecting these new console releases to the Season 6 launch and we want to clarify that that’s not the case so no one’s left confused looking for the game on these platforms. Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.

It is disappointing to see Fall Guys delayed yet again on Switch and Xbox, but I’m fine with any delay needed to ensure that the final product runs well. Hopefully, it can make out on each platform relatively early next year.

Have you played Fall Guys on PlayStation or PC, or are you holding out to see the game on Switch or Xbox? Personally, I enjoyed the game quite a bit when it came out on PS4, but I have not played much of it since its first month on the market. Let us know your experience with the game in the comment section below.

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