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Famitsu has published its data on weekly Japanese hardware sales, and there’s some surprising news to be seen. That, and some not-so-surprising news. The not-so-surprising news is that Microsoft is still a non-entity in the Japanese market. Just 23 Xbox One S units were sold this week, which is actually a lot better than the 12 that were sold last week. But more relevant to us at Nintendo Enthusiast, Famitsu’s data shows how wonderfully the Switch is growing. Last week, Nintendo sold a little over 30,000 units in Japan. This week, that number grew to over 90,000 units.

There are a few possible reasons why this exponential boom happened. It’s possible that newly released games like Astral Chain really pushed people to buy a Switch. Astral Chain sold more than 32,000 physical units, which isn’t half bad for a new IP. It’s also possible the sales boom is due to the advent of the Switch Lite, or perhaps the regular Switch with better battery life. The Switch Lite won’t release for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t stop people from riding the hype train and preordering. It’s safe to assume that Switch Sales will skyrocket once the Lite comes out for real on the 20th.

Is the Switch Lite really that marketable?

The Switch Lite is proving to be a godsend for Nintendo. The Big N has always had the upper hand in the handheld market, even with competition from Sony. While the basic Switch had a handheld mode, the pricing gave it a one-console-per-household feel. Cue “Mom says it’s my turn to use the Switch” memes. Now, with the Switch Lite’s better price point, more households should be more willing to buy multiple Switches. It also goes without saying that the price point and simplicity of the Lite will attract people who generally just preferred the handheld systems to consoles from the get-go.


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