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For the past few years, a talented team of Metroid fans has been hard at work on re-imaging of a Nintendo classic. Metroid Prime famously took the series into 3D, but this fan-made project aimed to re-imagine the world of Tallon IV with more traditional gameplay. Back in April, they released a playable demo, and Metroid Prime 2D was exactly as advertised. The ambitious project made waves, attracting the attention of large gaming outlets and popular Metroid streamers. And it seems it caught Nintendo’s eye too.

Metroid Prime 2D shut down

In a lengthy post to the members of the group’s Discord, Troid92 confirmed what some members had feared. Development on Metroid Prime 2D, at least in its current form, has come to an end. At the request of “a certain games-related company,” the team has removed the demo download as well as the soundtrack MP3 download. They apparently remain “in dialogue” with the unnamed company about “how best to proceed for both parties.” While Nintendo is not directly named, the implication seems pretty clear.

Other games that receive the banhammer from Nintendo in the past have resurfaced with new names and more original assets, and it seems like the Metroid Prime 2D team may be hoping for the same. That said, we have no additional details at this time, and it sounds like they’re being extremely cautious from here on out.

No regrets

Given Nintendo’s history of shutting down fan projects, many have questioned the decision to release the demo. If they had continued their work in secret, perhaps they could have completed the full game. Troid92 addresses this point in the post, stating that it was “the right choice for our team, and we do not regret it.” They further add that they knew this was a possibility when they began development four years ago, and they remain passionate and hopeful that they’ll continue on “in some form.”


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