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Earlier this year, it was sneakily-announced that a brand-new entry in the (surprisingly very successful) Farming Simulator franchise by Giants Software was in the works for the Nintendo Switch. There wasn’t much in the way of specific details given at that time. Now, coming out of Gamescom 2019, some more info has finally been shared.

It turns out the new game is Farming Simulator 20. This new-entry technically supersedes last year’s Farming Simulator 19 in terms of release, however, it is not a direct sequel. Giants has been following a trend of annually rotating between console/PC and mobile releases. Since last year a fully-fledged new entry came for PC and consoles, this year’s release is focused on mobile platforms. Somehow, the Switch has been lumped in with that crowd. Thus, Farming Simulator 2020 will is the new, more simplified version and will also be coming to iOS and Android devices.

In nTower’s coverage of the game, they were able to get a shot of Farming Simulator 20 running on a Switch, along with an infographic explaining the controls:

The game is currently being previewed at Gamescom, though I was only able to find a single video on YouTube so far by the channel Gadarol:


It’s unclear exactly what device this preview is coming from, though due to the aspect ratio, I’m assuming it may have been a build from the iOS/Android edition. The audio is in German, though “Switch” is mentioned in the dialogue.

Giants is still rather hushed about this project. It’s merely mentioned via Tweets the game is releasing later this year:

One step forward, two steps back?

Back in 2017, I reviewed Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition when it released towards the end of that year. That version of the game was basically Farming Simulator 17 which launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One back in 2016. This made the Switch release special since it was the first time the ‘full’ version of Farming Simulator had been released on a portable system. Now, it seems Giants has gone back to treating the Switch as just another mobile platform, the same way it brought the lesser versions of FS to the 3DS and PS Vita in the past. At least this build looks more advanced than Farming Simulator 18, which came to 3DS and other mobile platforms a while back.


A.K Rahming
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