A new teaser trailer for Farming Simulator 20 has rolled onto the scene. This teaser shows off just a few moments of gameplay from the mobile version of the game, which is also being ported over to the Switch. This latest edition of the franchise is based on last year’s release of Farming Simulator 19. This includes new brands like John Deere (100 pieces of machinery in total), and new crops (oats and cotton). Here’s the trailer itself:

Giants, the development studio behind the game, is teasing that a more lengthy trailer is on the horizon. Really, it would be nice to get a several-minute playthrough of the Switch version to show its improvement over the last release, which was Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition (which was based on Farming Simulator 17). Still, we do at least know that the visuals have been improved. The devs have also stated there are a “slew of new features”, though specific details haven’t really been given yet.

One feature that has been confirmed to not be present is multiplayer. This was also missing from the previous version of Farming Simulator on Switch. It’s unclear exactly why it’s been cut when so many other games do feature it.

Farming Simulator 20 will launch on December 3, 2019.



A.K Rahming
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