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Publisher Baltoro Games and developer Bryce Bucher are bringing Fatum Betula to Nintendo Switch tomorrow, March 12, for the refreshingly cheap launch price of $3.84 / €3.84, down from its regular retail price of $5.49 / €5.49. Fatum Betula is an atmospheric exploration game with light puzzle elements and some bits of surreal horror, and it looks distinctly like a PlayStation 1 game in a lot of spots. As PR explains, “Fatum Betula calls back to an era where vertices didn’t sit still and textures failed to align. The game plays in a 320×240 resolution and replicates the flaws of older hardware.”

The premise of the game is that a magical birch tree somehow has the power to shape the future, and it’s up to you decide what to feed it with. The game accordingly contains 10 different endings, in addition to various secrets. For reference, you can check out a trailer of the game from its PC release last June.

Fatum Betula on Switch somewhat cutely warns that it contains “infrequent cursing and themes of nihilism, death, and abuse.” It also contains flashing images and lights that people susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy should be mindful of.

Judging by Steam reviews, the game has some passionate fans, and one playthrough of the game apparently lasts about half an hour, which makes sense considering how inexpensive the game is. With that in mind, Fatum Betula sounds like a pretty enticing and low-risk investment on Nintendo Switch. I might give it a shot. What about you?

[Source: PR]

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