Fault – Milestone Two Side: Below visual novel gets TGS 2020 trailer

Fault – Milestone Two Side: Below Nintendo Switch Phoenixx and developer Alice in Dissonance 2021

Publisher Phoenixx and developer Alice in Dissonance released a new trailer for visual novel Fault – Milestone Two Side: Below at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, which shows off some of the beautiful imagery that we’ll be able to experience when the game releases in a projected spring 2021 window. The game will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

Last year Fault – Milestone One launched for Nintendo Switch, bringing the unique visual novel to the platform for the first time. The follow-up visual novel, Fault – Milestone Two, has been split into two releases now. These are Fault – Milestone Two Side: Above and Fault Milestone Two Side: Below. The first of these, Side: Above, originally launched in 2015 for only PC but is reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at some point. This second part then, Side: Below, will complete the story when it launches next year.

Side Above used a new 3D camera system and attempted to introduce more elements to make a “larger than life” experience out of reading. Based off the above trailer, Fault – Milestone Two Side: Below will continue delivering lush visuals, though how welcoming it will be to newcomers who haven’t played Side: Above remains to be seen. However, that game is currently 50% off on Steam, coming in at $7.49, if you’re interested and don’t want to wait for a console release.


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