Indie World Showcase

Today, Nintendo had one of their best Nindies presentations ever with the Indie World Showcase. We got surprise launches for Superhot and Hotline Miami Collection, Ori and the Blind Forest was confirmed for Switch, and we learned that Chucklefish’s Eastward will be making it to the West. Beyond all that, there was The Touryst, Streets of Rage 4, and a blistering-fast sizzle reel. By the end of the presentation, they had shown off something for everyone. What got you the most excited?

Personally, Hotline Miami Collection was my favorite announcement from today’s presentation. I love the Hotline Miami games. For a very long time, they have been two of my most wanted indies on the console. Thanks to their fast, unrelenting action and their very impressive presentation, they are quintessential examples of a title that works beautifully as a pick-up-and-play portable game while also being a wonderful full-screen TV experience.

Of course, it is hard to choose just one game. Ori and the Blind Forest was an amazing announcement straight off the top of many wishlists. Streets of Rage 4, Eastward, The Touryst, Superhot, and plenty of other games all have cases for being the coolest game in the event. Which ones made the show for you? What was your favorite announcement from today’s Indie World Showcase?

Andrew Rockett
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