Streets of Rage 4 Max Thunder

You can’t keep a good beat ’em up down. Just this month, we received word Streets of Rage 4 will be granted an extended life with its “Mr. X Nightmare” DLC. We already know Estel is joining the cast of playable characters, but there are two others coming with her, too. Today, we have confirmation series wrestler Max Thunder will enter the fray in Streets of Rage 4 with his bare knuckles ready to beat some goons.

Seeing Max Thunder absolutely body baddies is so satisfying

Take a look at Max’s reveal below:

Witness the carnage Max inflicts. He just suplexes and slams enemies like they are nothing.

Now, it is true Max Thunder is already part of Streets of Rage 4 in his Streets of Rage 2 skin. However, you have to fight an updated version of him in the Story Mode, and this is the iteration of the behemoth we see in the above trailer. I can’t wait to use the techniques he used against me on actual bad guys.

There is only one combatant left to reveal before the “Mr. X Nightmare” DLC launches later this year. They are shrouded in mystery, but it’s probably Shiva based on the silhouette.

Enthusiasts, are you excited about Max Thunder joining the roster in Streets of Rage 4? Let us know your thoughts on his reveal in the comment field below.


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