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Fight Crab won’t be out on Switch until later this year, but that doesn’t make a game about crabs viciously duking it out any less interesting. In an interview with USGamer, developer Masafumi “Nussoft” Onuki elaborated on the background and origins of one of the most intriguing, silly game concepts we’ve seen in a while. From creative solutions to physics obstacles to simply choosing the coolest path available, Fight Crab‘s origins are funny, unique, and perfectly appropriate for the game.

When asked how the game came to exist, Onuki elaborated as follows:

“I wanted to make a physics-based fighting game along the lines of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or Gang Beasts, but when you have physics with humanoid models they always come out unstable and it turns into a gag game . . . Crabs on the other hand are flat and have lots of legs, which makes them perfect for something like this and it frees up the arms for more in-depth combat.”

Onuki added that, after deciding that a creature with plenty of legs made the most sense, he decided on crabs specifically because “they’re cool.” And now we have Fight Crab.

At its surface, Fight Crab looks like a silly gag game about cranky crustaceans fighting to the bitter end. A ton of research went into this final product, though. Part of Onuki’s decision to use crabs extends from the 2015 movie Queen Crab. The movie disappointed Onuki, thus encouraging him to make some crab media of his own that had way cooler effects. He watched plenty of documentaries and scanned actual, boiled crabs into the game to be as anatomically correct as possible. As for crafting the actual gameplay, Onuki relied on a combination of gargantuan monster movies like Godzilla, weapons-based games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Star Wars, and giant robot anime like The Big O. Fight Crab is clearly the result of a very wide range of media, along with an unbridled passion for crabs.

The interview closes with a hint at what’s next for Onuki after Fight Crab. For now, he’s thinking about marine mammals like fur seals. In his conversation with USGamer, Onuki said that fur seals “ride waves and are able to do pretty technical maneuvers and I was thinking of the game possibilities of that.”


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