Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash

The 2.5D fighting game by Arika Fighting EX Layer is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021 as Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash. The fighter will be a different title from the original 2018 game with new systems and a different netcode. Arika announced the game during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable round 2 live stream earlier today.

Another Dash is mostly the same game as the first Fighting EX Layer, but it features a new EX-Action system that replaces Gougi and other currently implemented systems. The developers didn’t share too much about the EX-Action system, but it has functions like EX-Dash, EX-Arrow, and EX-Illusion. The big system change also means various character adjustments and changes to move sets, but we’ll learn more about all that later. Another Dash also uses a backstep interrupt netcode. However, this may change after launch with an update to rollback netcode.

Arika will have more information to share on April 1, 2021. As a side note, April Fools’ Day is a significant day for Fighting EX Layer as it was initially conceived as an elaborate prank back in 2017. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash launches for Nintendo Switch in 2021. Fighting EX Layer is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.



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